Name :   Madan Krishna Duwal Shrestha
Where are you ? :   Tokyo (FROM NEPAL)
Your comments :   Hey my hero! I was really impressed when I started knowing about you through our frequent visits. The first thing that came into my mind after you said you came to Japan from UK by cycling was Are you crazy?, but all the pictures, details and feelings you
Name :   kazu
Where are you ? :   JAPAN
Your comments :   It was interesting.
Name :   wizard chaokas
Where are you ? :   philippines
Your comments :   hey bambi, pm me
Name :   Mike Riordan
Where are you ? :   Tokyo
Your comments :   Just checked out the photos, very impressive. Quite a trip, well done!
Name :   Kelly Morita
Where are you ? :   Tokyo
Your comments :   Hey Steve! REALLY, REALLY enjoyed your website. It will take some time to get through all your stories and photos but am really looking forward to it. I really think you should find time for you book! I am sure it would be amazing. Anyway, Oshima was grea
Name :   Prakash Natesan
Where are you ? :   INDIA
Your comments :   Cheers mate ... i went thro. all pic. and likedem all with gud humor. Well done mate and im going thro. reports. Its a truly inspiring story for me and i would like to do something withing my own country first.. Keep in touch mate BBye
Name :   Martin Levesque
Where are you ? :   Montreal. Canada
Your comments :   Wow! I am a fan of cycling trips and your story is very inspiring. You have been extraordinary brave to achieve it alone. Your pictures and your reports are fascinating. Thanks to share it with us! Cheers Martin
Name :   Jason
Where are you ? :   Gifu, Japan
Your comments :   Awesome! I found your site after actually thinking about the possibility of cycling from Tokyo to London. May well be in touch
Name :   bambi chakas
Where are you ? :   philippines
Your comments :   hello Steve, we had been corresponding before. i am so glad you made it. and i will be considering your REPORTS as my guide to your epic trip.
Name :   Jane
Where are you ? :   Annapolis, Maryland USA
Your comments :   Thank you for posting all you have. I really enjoyed your trip journal and your pictures and wonder how you got into some of the countries you did, esp. Iran. Are you planning a tran-Ruissia trip any time soon? and are all your trips by bike? Happy trav
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