Name :   Alastair Humphreys
Where are you ? :   home
Your comments :   you made it! Well done!
Name :   Scott
Where are you ? :   Sydney Australia
Your comments :   Im in awe and terribly envious of the trip you made. I so much want to do my own similar odyssey. Lacking funds now - but one day. Congragulations
Name :   Kevin
Where are you ? :   Nakano (Tokyo)
Your comments :   I got to hear a bit about your journey but I look forward to hearing more. Anyway, great job!!
Name :   Michika
Where are you ? :   
Your comments :   Have you ever considered becoming a professional photographer?!
Name :   Claire
Where are you ? :   Ireland
Your comments :   Well done. what a fantastic experience.Your photos are really lovely.
Name :   David
Where are you ? :   Dundalk, Ireland
Your comments :   well done mate! Im thinkinb of doing sumit like this aswell and this page is a great help!! thanx!
Name :   Kerry+Betty OShea
Where are you ? :   Tokyo Meguro-ku
Your comments :   Steve, you are more than a Hugh Grant type of man, much more and cool, very impressive by your photos. Thank you & see you soon.
Name :   
Where are you ? :   
Your comments :   Hello Steve-San, As I enjoyed your interesting presentation in the Pink Cow last week, would you please put the tape on your nice website too? Onegai Shimasu.
Name :   Jay
Where are you ? :   S. Korea
Your comments :   Had fun looking at your pictures. Want to go on a similar trip around Europe someday. Hopefully... :P Cheers!
Name :   Sasha
Where are you ? :   Florida, Daytona Beach
Your comments :   Steve,thanks for photofun! I used to live in Kyrgyzstan,many times trespassed Ala-Bel, and I know what that meen... How could You do that!? You are a hero!!!!!!!!!!
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