Name :   atsuko
Where are you ? :   kitasenju
Your comments :   It was peaceful image I have. Thank you Steve.
Name :   Jon and Andy
Where are you ? :   Iran currently
Your comments :   Hi Steve - really chuffed to see you made it. All the best from the two Brits you met in the desert. Were about half way at the moment and loving Iran to bits. Congratulations and maybe well see you for a pint back in Blighty one day :)
Name :   M.Shimura
Where are you ? :   Yokohama
Your comments :   Hi Steve How are you? In addition, lets meet. Good luck.
Name :   Agustin Egurrola
Where are you ? :   In Sheffield
Your comments :   Ive just printed your account, glanced at and like the look of it. Im interested, generally. Also next year plan to cycle from Turkey to China. Have done S.America, Canada and Australia, after my bus pass. Before, over the yeaars, I did The British Isles,
Name :   miwa
Where are you ? :   TOKYO
Your comments :   (߄) Oh, for days ive missed to say OMEDETO to you, Steve!? well... ( ^-^)O-M-E-D-E-T-O.:*:`:*:` otsukare-
Name :   AKIRA
Where are you ? :   Hachioji,Tokyo
Your comments :   Great Job,Steve! Weve been so proud of you. Congratulations!! By the way, did the wishing sack work for you on the way of your journey?
Name :   Bill
Where are you ? :   Tokyo (the bad part)
Your comments :   Good onya, Steve! Michael Palin would have been proud.
Name :   Roeleke and Harry
Where are you ? :   Zwolle, Holland
Your comments :   Congratulations Steve, well done!! Youve biked a bloody long way from Passau-Germany were we met you. Great stories by the way!
Name :   Miyagi
Where are you ? :   Tokyo
Your comments :   Well done to Steve!!!
Name :   Teena (& Jim) (& Hayden)
Where are you ? :   Shizuoka
Your comments :   CONGRATULATIONS!! Looking forward to the full report and stunning photos. I imagine the throngs were out with signs & cheers like when Princess Nori married? Hayden is looking forward to the next visit from Uncle Steve...
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